Introducing Malaysia Best Selling Payroll Software

UBS Payroll Software

Empowering start-ups and small businesses with complete control over their payroll.

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Pay your people with confidence

Process payroll knowing that your payments are correct, secure, and compliant with local legislation.

Stay compliant

Keep up to date with the latest local legislations changes, including HRDF.

Analyse your payroll

Manage your company’s human resource costings with ease through management report. 

Secure and accurate payments

Keep employee salary secure with authorization processes and access rights.

Manage your employees

Taking care of your employees comes first. With Sage Payroll, you can securely store employee information, efficiently manage holidays, and record custom absence types.

Pay employees directly

Pay employees straight from your software. With Sage Payroll, you can pay employees directly from your payroll software, saving precious time so you can focus on running your business.

Remote access

Sage Payroll’s mobile license allows users to continue working anywhere, anytime; even when out of the office.

Meet your compliance
requirements without stress

Sage UBS Payroll provides a range of government reports and a variety of bank formats supported templates that are readily available.

> 30 years

Build for Malaysia Companies


Proven by > 6,000 users

Stay Compliant

Local legislation is up-to-date.

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What’s in UBS Payroll Software?

Fully integrated with UBS Accounting Software. Secure your employee data – appraisals, leaves, absences, holidays, job, and salary history in one place.


  • 1st and 2nd half 
  • Payslip formats
  • Email Payslip
  • Mgmt Report
  • Bonus, Advance
  • Loan, OT

Human Resource

  • Leave
  • Training
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Employees Database


  • EPF
  • Socso
  • EIS
  • PCB
  • HRDF
  • Zakat


  • Quick Entry
  • Supported Varies Bank Formats
  • Up-to-Date Government Reports
  • Bonus, OT, Advance, Loan
  • 12 Months Figure Update
  • Employee Setup Wizard
  • Leave Control
  • Commission, Director Fee
  • Multiples PaySlip Format
  • Integration with UBS Accounting
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UBS Payroll Software Matrix


ubs payroll software matrix

UBS Payroll Preview

View the total summary for each payroll entry before payroll processing and manage allowances, deductions, and overtime in a single screen.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q – Is Sage Payroll statutory compliant with LHDN and EPF?
A – Yes, Sage Payroll is PCB latest and EPF latest compliant and it is certified with both statutory entities.

Q – Can Sage Payroll manage monthly allowance and deductions for employees?
A – Yes, Sage payroll can handle FIXED and VARIABLE allowance and deductions.

Q – Can I print/email the employee’s monthly pay slip?
A – Definitely, both print and email in PDF.

Q – Can Sage Payroll track employee Leave and Claims?
A – By using Sage Payroll Leave and Claims a module that is included with the purchase of Sage Payroll.

Q -Can I do multiple payroll payments in a month?
A – Yes, with Sage Payroll there is an option to run multiple payroll payments with different dates and times.

Q -Does Sage Payroll support online banking for monthly employee salary crediting?
A – Yes, Sage Payroll has comprehensive and updated bank formats for Salary file generation.

Q – How can I be sure that the payroll calculation in Sage Payroll is correct?
A – The standard pre-set setting in Sage Payroll is accordance to the basic statutory requirements.

Q – Do you have any training classes?
A – Yes, Monthly classroom training and personal on-site training is available.

Q – If I have any enquiries about Sage Payroll and Sage Cover, who can I contact?
A – Visit w or email to or call 03-2148 7670